Arabia Chapter

Lama Akmeel

Say it

We are a community and a network of professionals, academics, and scholars interested in metropolitan planning and management in the Arab world (The Levant, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Sudan, the Arabian Gulf, Yemen, and North African countries). The Arabia chapter covers a wide range of metropolitan areas, each with its socioeconomic structure, history, population, and area like Cairo, Baghdad, Riyadh, Alexandria, Amman, Algiers, Casablanca, Dubai, Khartoum, Damascus, Aleppo, etc. From east to the west, our metropolitans face common challenges such as climate change (desertification, sea-level rise SLR, water scarcity, and flash floods), rapid urbanization, Urban sprawl, migration and slums, asylum, economic and political problems, gaps in hard/soft infrastructure, and housing challenges. We are looking forward to spreading the metropolitan discipline initiatives to achieve development, resilience, and sustainability for our cities.

Work for it

We expect to achieve a set of objectives and goals at three primary levels:
• Promote the metro matrix approach and the tools of the metropolitan discipline
• Engage and promote decision-makers to consider the importance of including Metropolitan Policies in their plans.
• Provide consultant serveries for government and public servants
• Upgrade and update the knowledge and skills of professionals by conducting IMF workshops and courses.
• Exchange and share the experience between interested and experts at the Arab world and international levels.
• Promote knowledge and awareness of Metropolitan Discipline.
• Create local and international partnerships within universities and academics.
• Promote academic researches and studies on a metropolitan scale.
• Upgrade and update the knowledge of academics and students by conducting IMF workshops and courses.
• IMFARC student's clubs.