Qualitative metropolis

Qualitative metropolis

A new culturally encoded concept with qualitative regeneration of the informal settlement. The rule and the model

Authors: A. Contin1; P.b.Ortiz2
1. PhD-Assistant Professor
Politecnico di Milano, School of architecture and society, Department of Architecture and Urban Study
2. Senior Urban Planner consultant at the World Bank, Visiting Professor Politecnico di Milano, School of architecture and society, Department of Architecture and Urban Study

Keywords: Metropolitan Architecture, green & grey infrastructure, informal settlement, city model, mental map, metropolitan acupuncture

What _ we think that it’s possible to speak of the urban quality, as Lynch did in 1976. To achieve quality, Lynch proposed the need for a city model as “the representation of how the space could be structured and the representation of the shape and process description, which constitutes the prototype to follow.” We would like to discuss the role of a theoretical model plan for metropolitan qualitative shape definition and the metropolitan architecture identity, within a demonstrative character to face nowadays metropolitan chaos and informal settlement regeneration, according to the three urban metabolism operations: to maintain to conserve, to substitute for to develop or to transform for growing.

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