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Training for education, learning and leadership towards a new metropolitan discipline. Inaugural book

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Editorial coordinator: Melina Nacke
Editor: Patrizia Giordano
Authors in alphabetical order: Saúl Alcántara Onofre, Antonella Contin, Gianluigi Contin, Blanca del Espino Hidalgo, Rafael Forero, Valentina Galiulo, Fabio Gallo Perozzi, Marco Kamiya, Jiyoon Kim, Gabriel Lanfranchi, Massimiliano Lepratti, Emilio Mascort Albea, Guglielmo Mormina, Melina Nacke, Alessandro Oggioni, Pedro Ortiz, Gabriela Pastor, Roberto Randazzo, Ramón Reyes Rodríguez, Domingo Sánchez Fuentes, Santiago Soubie, Paolo Tagliolato Acquaviva d’Aragona, Carlos Tapia, Laura Torres & Andrej Žižek
Covers designers: Valentina Galiulo & María Koeraus Interior designer: María Belén Félix
We will also like to thanks Michael Cohen, Wang Hongyang, Cesar Jaimes, Giovanni Santamaria, Fernando Bercovich, and Stefano Sanna for their contributions to this book.
This book was subject to blind review.
ISBN: 978-987-1479-50-4



Humanity is facing enormous challenges to our common future, such as climate change, growing inequality, environmental degradation, and rapid urbanization. There is an increasing understanding that the answers to these pressing questions can only be reached at the complex space of cities and metropolitan areas. Furthermore, tackling these urgent problems requires enhanced approaches and methodologies at the metropolitan scale. The complexity and diversity of the metropolitan phenomenon demand better policy, practice, and theory.

The TELLme (Training for Education, Learning, and Leadership towards a new Metropolitan discipline) Project is a response to this demand for improved metropolitan tools and training from multidisciplinary perspectives. In particular, this initiative aims at providing competence to the higher education institutions while building up a community of practice with an integral approach, where the collective intelligence is formed through non-formal and peer-to-peer learning. Universities are the key actors capable of advocating for the methodology and training the future generations. They have the potential to build the core knowledge of the community of practice at the international level, while also promoting its adoption at the local level.

The Metropolitan Discipline is a nascent field of studies. It is a work in progress, an emerging framework to address the imperatives of urban sustainability more effectively. It arises from a collaborative effort among several inter-disciplinary teams from all around the world. Over the last three years, the different partners involved in the project embarked on an iterative process of peer learning aimed at the co-construction of a new discipline. This global network constitutes a valuable effort to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the approach to metropolitan issues from various disciplines.

This book represents a significant milestone of that ongoing collaborative process toward the construction of a new discipline. This TELLme Inaugural book, of which CIPPEC had the privilege of being the lead partner, translates the theoretical principles into practice and systematizes the Metropolitan Discipline methodology to shape cities and metropolitan areas. The articles in this book are valuable and insightful contributions that invite and help us to become better prepared for addressing the complexity of metropolitan planning, development, and governance.

I believe that, with expanded and continued collaboration from multiple actors around the world, we have an opportunity not just to co-create a new discipline but also to significantly contribute to the construction of healthier, safer, and more sustainable human-centered cities. The rise of the metropolitan discipline, brightly showcased in this book, is a significant step forward in that direction.

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