The influence of urban form on spatial activity: T...

The influence of urban form on spatial activity: The activity pattern in Irbid neighborhoods of Jordan

Beijing Jiaotong University Master’s Thesis
Author Name: Lama Akmeel
Mentor Name: Yao Yifeng; Associate Professor
Discipline Category: Engineering Degree Level: Master
Discipline and Major: Urban and Rural Planning Research Direction: Urban and Rural Planning

The new urban planning for the residential zones fails to make a balance between the social interaction and the personal private spaces, whereas the built environment contributes to shaping the human activities and interactions; this research comes to study the relationship between the urban form of the residential neighborhoods and the activity pattern that occurs in the streets between the buildings and how it affects the social relations between the residents. The thesis will answer the question:" how can
the character of urban form influence the activity pattern in residential neighborhoods?".
The study specifically focused on four neighborhoods in Irbid city, north of Jordan, and it compares the results of the analysis for the neighborhoods with each other. The Investigation draws on both quantitative and qualitative methods by the use of questionnaire survey, interviews, urban observation, published documents, and reports; the data for the survey was collected from the residents in each neighborhood by using the social media platforms in addition to the traditional method by visiting the houses and gathering spaces.
The study results prove that the activity pattern in the neighborhood streets is influenced by the urban form; so based on the findings of the investigation and the future vision for the characteristics of the urban form which increase the quality of people's lives, this thesis gives recommendations and suggestions for the planners, architects, and decision-makers.

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